Creating Responsive Google Plus Badge With Simple Jquery Javascript

Hello, i found some problem about responsive for Google+ Badge. Let me show you how to make Google+ Badge with responsive size with my ways. Creating Responsive Google Plus Badge With Jquery Javascript  

So now I'm studying blogspot template and I'll try to process the media blogspot + bootstrap for design + jQuery. First you need to know how to use the badge of google plus, and know Profile ID, community ID or Page ID of your google+. ID must be a number like 111746071444691234996

Prepare the canvas selector 
 <div class="gplusbadage col-xs-12 col-sm-12 col-md-12"></div>  
just remember, you can change the selector. This is only for canvas where google plus badge later will appear. I use 'gplusbadage' for the selector and col-*-*. later you will see their role. So the size will follow the width 'gplusbadge' and gplusbadge will follow size col-*-* bootstrap.

i have use jquery-1.12.0 and combine with  jQuery.empty() and  jQuery.html(),  this very important $(window).resize() to trigger screen and run . ^_^.. thats very simple oke lets see the simple script.

The following simple script code

Be sure to put this script under jquery. Maybe there is a lot more simple way for it. Do you have any other way? and whether the script above there is no constraint ..

change change id with your google plus id
var id = '111746071444691234996';
var id = 'YOUR ID'; 

i have some problem, i can't make this script more dynamic, i want create with no selector.
You can also download Creating Responsive Google Plus Badge With Jquery Javascript in my new github, I make when creating this post ^_^ . Matur Suwun you have read this post..

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